Keiki // Juuni Kokuki


So it's been ages since I've posted anything here. Four years or so. I wonder if anyone of my old LJ friends even remember who I am? Or those of you that might have been with me on DJ? I remember some, but definitely not all. I can't believe how time has passed. I might start up posting here again, just as a way to express thoughts that I can't tell anyone else. Who knows.
Keiki // Juuni Kokuki

Manga List - sticky post

XD I was never really into reading manga, but like anime, I've rediscovered it, and now I can't get enough. Most of these don't have pages yet at myanimelist, so I'm keeping my manga list here for now. Note how everything on here so far is yaoi. XDDDDDD

Koi Cha no Osahou - here // Vol. 3 Ch. 10
The Secret Agreement - here // Ch. 1
Crimson Spell // Ch. 11
Abiru Junjou
Koi no Tsumeato // Vol. 2 Ch. 8
Mitsugetsukei Honey
Love Skit
Ouchou Haru no Yoi no Romance // Vol. 1 Ch. 4
Burning Love Twin // Ch. 3
Viewfinder series - here // Vol. 4 Ch. 12
A Sex Therapist
Gokujou no Koibito (The Best Lover) // Vol. 2 Ch. 8
Welcome to the Chemistry Lab // Vol. 3 Ch. 2
Nude na Shinsen // Ch. 1
Trial Love
Welcome to the University of Love
Quarrelsome Honey
Hot Limit // here